Full Circle Artisan's Gallery is located in a quaint village in 

Cornish, Maine and has a wonderful selection of handcrafted items to provide you with unique and affordable gifts, jewelry, decorative accessories home décor and furniture.   


One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.

A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill: You are an artist in the kitchen.

Full Circle Artisan's Gallery has a great range of artistic talents !!!

Alan Reilly - Driftwood Pieces

Andree' Benoist- Paintings

Anne Foley - Pottery 

Anne Poitras - Alcohol Ink Paintings

Ann Williams - Fiber Artist

Aria Edwards - Jewelry

Becky Spraque - Photography

Beverly- Simpson - Fiber Artist

Bill Housley - Woodturner

Bob Finn - Wood turner

Brenda Farrington - Fiber Artist

Bridget Powers - Jewelry 

Catherine Putzier - Jewelry

Cathy Murphy - Jewelry Designer 

Cheryl Harmon - Leather bracelets/Painter

Chris Bannon - Woodcrafts

Corey Lane - Handcrafted Wooden Frames

Christina Tomkiewicz - Cloverdilly Candles Company

Cynthia McDougall - Jewelry Designer

Dale Martin - Photography

Danielle Flanagan - Rock art

Darylann Leonard - Photography

David Lambert - Woodcrafts 

David Carr - Wood Turner

Dawn Schol - Mermaid Butter Body Scrub

Debi Leibovitz - Polymer Clay art

Deborah Peters - Jewelry

Denise Meirop - Jewelry 

Dick Tilton - Photography/ Musician

Doug Corrigan - Drift wood creations

Douglas Brown - Stone Creations

Donna Seim -Author

Dorothy Anderson - mixed media

Eric Fox - Photographer

Gerrie Maffris - Micro Macrame Jewelry

Ginger Proulx- handmade soaps

Jackie Hickey - Potter

Jessie O'brien - Wood burning Art

John Slonina - Photography

Josef Keller - Mixed Media - steampunk

Judy Trepal - Photography & painting 

A. Justin Eddy- Paintings

Karen Foley - vintage art jewelry and mixed media

Karen Journay - Rare Bird Pins

Kay Sparrow - Pottery & Jewelry Design

Keith Lindley - Fiber Artist

Kerri Blaisdell - Mixed Media paintings

Kemorox - Jewelry

Kevin Winsor - Woodcrafts

Laura Pixley _ Fork Art Jewelry

Lawrence England - Woodworker

LeighAnne Weeks - Woodcrafts

Linda Madgey - Jewelry

Liza Marcolini - Fiber Artist

Liz Stefano - Polymer Clay artist

Lynn Abood - Fiber Artist

Margaret Olson - Fiber Art

Marida Osborne - Mixed Media

Martha Chessie - Handwoven Baskets

Marciana Teegan - Painting

Martha Tracy - Fiber Artist (Peace Fleece)

Mattie Rose Templeton- Mixed Media

Meg & John DeStefano - Jewelry

Megan " Milly" Welsh ~ Zwellyn Pottery

Mig Lemire - Jewelry Designer

Mitchell Collomy - Wooden Flags

Nancy Badger - home & garden jewels

Nancy Fitch - Stained Glass Artist

Nancy Renton - Stained Glass Artist

Nancy Sandreuter - Fabric Artist

Nicki Nickerson - Various mediums

Pam Pinault - Fiber Art

Patricia Atwater - Inspirational Embossed Jewelry

Patricia Hurd - Paintings

Peter Chandler - Mixed Media Art

Peg Snyder - Oil Painter

Peggy Nichols Lee - Jewelry designer

Ramona Allen - Paintings 

Randi Kuns - handmade soap

Raelyn Duquette - Candles & Melts

Rik Phillips - Mixed Media 

Roberta Emerson - handpainted wares

Sabrina Thiemke-Greene - Paper, Fiber & Printmaking

Sarah McWeeney - Wirewrapped stone trees

Shannon Surette - Jewelry

Shelly Ann West - Watercolor painting

Stacey Munroe - Dicroic Jewelry

Su Richards - Fiber Arts

Sue Dunn - Etched Glass & Encaustic Acrylic

Sue Melanson - Watercolor Artist

Susan Calkins - Mosiacs Art

Susan Peterson - Jewelry

Susan Shipka - Decortive Egg Art

Tami Prescott - Quilling

Tiffany Andries - Ink & Watercolor Art

Tom Pingree - Locally Made Maple Syrup Products

Traci Witham - Pottery

Vickie Donnelly - Jewelry


Monthly Gallery Dues​